Preparing for the Exam

Certification is a significant differentiator, and the rigorous exam process requires concentrated study. Successful candidates are well prepared, and a number of available resources can assist pre-qualified applicants.

The Board provides candidates with the Content Outline specific to each examination either online or available upon request from BPS. Candidates are strongly encouraged to become thoroughly familiar with this document. Since Content Outlines are occasionally modified to reflect changes in practice, applicants should check that they are using the most current version for their specialty.

Suggested preparation for the examination might include:

  • The study of journal articles, textbooks or other publications related to the Content Outline.
  • Attendance at continuing education programs and courses in specialized pharmacy practice.
  • Participation in study groups and examination preparation courses.
  • Reviewing the sample examination items provided on the BPS website in order for candidates to familiarize themselves with the various item formats which are presented on the exam. Sample question performance should not be interpreted as an indicator of exam performance.

To maintain its strict, independent standards for certification, BPS does NOT provide review information, preparatory courses, or study guides. However, such materials are available from outside organizations, state or local professional associations and colleges of pharmacy. Potential applicants may contact the professional associations noted below for additional study resources.

BPS partners with Prometric to provide the examination. BPS does not have any other partnerships for the certification or recertification application process. BPS partners with professional development program (PDP) providers to provide continuing education (CE) for recertification and the relationship is noted here. Any organization claiming a relationship with BPS for the application process or providing CE labeled ‘BPS-approved’ outside of the organizations listed should be reported to BPS immediately.

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties provides the following program listing for informational purposes. This list is not an exhaustive list of options available for examination preparation. BPS does not endorse or provide preparatory courses for Board Certification Examinations.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy

Cardiology Pharmacy

Critical Care Pharmacy

Geriatric Pharmacy

Infectious Diseases Pharmacy

Nuclear Pharmacy

Nutrition Support Pharmacy

Oncology Pharmacy

Pediatric Pharmacy


Psychiatric Pharmacy