Employer Verification

Effective January 1, 2019: All applicants intending to demonstrate eligibility for any BPS certification examination utilizing the practice experience pathway must provide an attestation from their employer, on company letterhead, that verifies this experience accurately represents 50% of time spent in some or all of the activities defined by the applicable certification content outline. In addition, this practice experience must have occurred within the seven years immediately preceding the application.

This letter must contain the following:

Be on company letterhead

Employment dates the employer is verifying

Verification of practice experience in one or more domains described in the Content Outlines, for at least 50% of each year of employment

Contact information for the verifier

Please note:

All practice experience must be attested for

Employer is unable to attest to practice experience outside of the candidate’s employment

Supervisors who work for another company are unable to use their current company’s letterhead if the pharmacist does not work for that company

Candidates who work independently or without a supervisor should have another healthcare professional or administrator they work with verify their practice experience

Submitting Employer Verification Letters

Candidates may submit the employer verification letters by logging into their MyBPS profile and uploading the verification letter within the examination application.

Employer Verification Sample Letters

A sample employer verification letter is available here: Sample

A sample employer verification letter for Nuclear Pharmacy and Compounded Sterile Preparations Pharmacy is available here: Sample