Overview of Recertification

Staying on Top

Recertification assures the public and the profession that certified practitioners undergo periodic evaluation. The Board of Pharmacy Specialties requires all board-certified specialists to recertify every seven years.

If a BPS certified specialist does not apply for recertification, the individual will be removed from the official roster of board certified specialists.

If a certified pharmacist fails to successfully complete the recertification process, extension of certification may be granted for a one-time only, one-year period, at the sole discretion of BPS, while the individual seeks to successfully complete the process.

Once a BPS-certified specialist has been deleted permanently from the roster, that individual may no longer use the designation or initials associated with that specialty (e.g., Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist, BCNP) nor display the BPS certificate. Reinstatement can be achieved only by the successful completion of the entire certification process.

For full details regarding recertification, please refer to the BPS Recertification Guide.

Recertification Application Deadline

All BPS Board Certified pharmacists whose credential expires December 31 must apply for recertification by August 1 regardless of the recertification option selected.

Continuing education hours for recertification may continue to be earned through the end of the calendar year for credit toward recertification. Providers of BPS-approved CE programs report all CE hours for recertification directly to BPS. When recertification is accomplished through a continuing professional development program for any specialty, all hours creditable to a specific 7-year recertification period must be earned within that period. Credit hours may not be carried over from one 7-year period to the next. BPS will only award recertification credit for modules based on the completion and submission date of the post-test assessment.

Recertification Options

All Board Certified pharmacists can sit for the 100-question recertification examination in their respective specialties. Pharmacists recertifying a credential in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Critical Care, Geriatric Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutrition Support Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Pediatric Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, or Psychiatric Pharmacy have the option to recertify via continuing education hours.


Application fee for recertification via examination or continuing education is $400

Application fee to retake the recertification examination is $200
Only candidates who have failed the recertification exam during the last exam administration are eligible for the reduced rate.

All fees are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Board.

Request for Extension

Candidates seeking recertification who believe that they will not be able to sit for the recertification examination in their recertification year or who believe that they will not be able to complete all required CE by December 31 of the year in which they are to recertify, may request an extension of their certification status. This request must be in writing, must provide specific reasons for not being able to sit for the examination or to meet the December 31 deadline for CE and must be received by BPS by December 31 of the year in which the candidate is to recertify. A recertification application form and the $400 recertification fee must be submitted prior to or with this request for extension.

All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Board may grant a one-year extension on a one-time only basis. No additional extension will be granted beyond this one-year period. All recertification requirements must be completed by the end of the one-year extension or that individual’s certification will lapse and his/her name will be removed from the official roster of BPS-certified pharmacist specialists.

If the certificant is recertifying using a professional development program, sufficient progress must be demonstrated to indicate that completion will be possible before the end of the one year extension. Such an extension results in resetting of the certificant’s next recertification date by one year to seven years from the end of the extension. Please see the Recertification Guide for further details