Annual Certification Fee

To pay your annual certification maintenance fee, please log into your MyBPS account.

All BPS-certified pharmacists are required to register annually with the Board and pay an annual certification maintenance fee, currently $125. A notice for the annual fee will be sent via email to all certificants in May of each year. Payments are due within 45 days of notification. Please note, pharmacists holding more than one BPS certification are assessed only one annual fee, and certificants are not required to pay the annual fee in their recertification year.

Failure to pay the annual certification maintenance fee results in removal of the individual’s name from BPS’ official list of certified pharmacists for that year. This list of BPS-certified specialists “in good standing” is published on the Board’s web site and elsewhere. Upon applying for recertification, all outstanding annual fees and a $5 penalty must be paid.

A principal purpose of the annual certification maintenance fee is to fund the ongoing work of BPS on behalf of its certified specialists, as well as expenses related to maintenance of current, credible certification and recertification examinations and related processes. BPS works diligently to educate pharmacists, other health professionals, and the public about specialty certification and the value it brings.