Helpful Tips for International Candidates

BPS would like to offer some helpful tips to our international candidates in order to make their application experience easier. Be sure to consult our Helpful Tips for International Candidates Guide before submitting your application in order to stay informed on new regulations and procedures. NOTE: Applicants from Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore are no longer required to submit a transcript. Review the Candidate’s Guide for full details on the application process.


International candidates must provide the Board with the following by the application deadline:

  • Electronic documentation of current active legal authorization to practice pharmacy in their country of origin or residence.


  • An electronic copy of an official graduation transcript (e-transcript) and/or an official graduation certificate (translated into English) as a part of the online application process indicating that the individual has completed an educational program preparing him/her for basic pharmacy practice (as part of the online application process). The e-transcript must be provided by the University, College or School of Pharmacy and candidates will be required to provide the name and email address of the staff member who provided the e-transcript. BPS may contact the staff member to verify that the e-transcript is an official document that was provided by the educational program or institution.


  • Sealed hard copy of transcripts or certificate of graduation with seal sent directly from the college or university where they received their pharmacy degree. It is preferred that the school send English translations of documentation. Please submit a Graduation Documentation Request Form to request education documentation from your University (Candidates must submit an application online prior to having this documentation sent to BPS). Please instruct your university to send sealed copies of your transcripts or certificate directly to:

Board of Pharmacy Specialties

2215 Constitution Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20037-2985

Your application will not be considered complete until BPS has received this documentation directly from your school.


Throughout all BPS specialty certification examinations, all measurements from laboratory test results are expressed in traditional U.S. units. A conversion chart will NOT be offered as part of the examination. A reference table of normal lab values is NOT provided. Candidates should take this into consideration when preparing for the examination.

The Board is aware that examination questions dealing with procedures or regulatory issues in the U.S. are not necessarily pertinent to candidates who practice in other countries. However, all candidates are given the same examination and are held to the same standard of achievement, regardless of the country in which they practice and the regulations under which they practice.

Please note BPS certification does not confer the privilege to practice pharmacy in the U.S. or in any other country.