Nutrition Support Pharmacy

The BPS Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist (BCNSP) program is a credential for pharmacists who have met the eligibility criteria below and who in their unique practice address the care of patients receiving specialized nutrition support, including parenteral (IV) or enteral (feeding tube) nutrition.

The purpose of the BCNSP program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to optimize patient outcomes by:

  • Promoting the maintenance and/or restoration of optimal nutritional status through design and modification of individualized treatment plans.
  • Providing direct patient care, including patient assessment, type of feeding design, clinical monitoring, dosing of specific nutrients, and compatibility issues.
  • Identifying unusual nutrient deficiencies to guarantee  the safety of the patient.
  • Ensuring that parenteral and enteral feeding formulations are properly prepared and administered.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the patient’s nutritional status during the critical transition to a care facility or home.

BPS Nutrition Support Pharmacy Brochure

Eligibility Requirements (all practice eligibility requirements must be met prior to the candidate sitting for the examination)

The minimum requirements for certification in nutrition support pharmacy are:

  • Graduation from a pharmacy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) or program outside the U.S. that qualifies the individual to practice in the jurisdiction.
  • Current, active license to practice pharmacy in the U.S. or another jurisdiction.
  • Completion of three (3) years practice experience (post-pharmacist licensure) with at least 50% of time spent in nutrition support pharmacy activities as defined by the Nutrition Support Pharmacy Content Outline. **Practice experience should be from within the past seven years prior to the application date. 
  • Completion of a (PGY-2) residency* in nutrition support pharmacy.
  • Achieving a passing score on the Nutrition Support Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination.

*Effective January 1, 2013, only residency programs accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and completed by the applicant within the past 7 years, or new residency programs granted Candidate Status for accreditation by ASHP are creditable for this purpose.

Examination Content

(Refer to the Nutrition Support Pharmacy Content Outline for details)

  • Domain 1. Clinical Practice: Provision of Patient-Centered Nutrition Support
  • Subdomain A: Assessment (22 percent of examination)
  • Subdomain B: Design and Initiation of a Therapeutic Plan of Care (27 percent of examination)
  • Subdomain C: Monitoring and Management (14 percent of examination)
  • Domain 2. Nutrition Support Operations
  • Subdomain A: Practice Management (7 percent of examination)
  • Subdomain B: Policy and Protocol Management (7 percent of examination)
  • Subdomain C: Compounding Operations (16 percent of examination)
  • Domain 3. Retrieval, Interpretation, Generation, and Communication of Knowledge in Nutrition Support (7 percent of examination)


Recertification for Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists® (BCNSP) is based on the following activities:

Beginning in January 2017, Purdue University College of Pharmacy will assume responsibility as the BPS Professional Development Provider for the recertification of Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists (BCNSP).  Along with this new addition, BPS would also like to announce an update in the continuing education requirement for recertification in Nutrition Support Pharmacy.  Effective in January 1, 2019, all Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists will have the option of recertifying via:

The Recertification Exam


100 hours of recertification CE over the seven year certification period through Purdue University.


You can download the approved Continuing Education Transition Plan for all current Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists (2009-2015) by clicking here.

More information on Purdue’s professional development program for BCNSP recertification can be found here.

*A list of ACPE-approved providers, can be found via their website.

A current, active license to practice pharmacy is required for recertification.

Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists® are also required to pay the BPS Annual Certification Maintenance fee of $125 each year for years one through six and a $400 recertification fee in year seven.

Individuals with more than one BPS certification will only be assessed one BPS Annual Certification Maintenance Fee each year.