Geriatric Pharmacy

The Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy (CCGP), founded in 1997 by the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), became part of the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) in 2017.

The BPS Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) provides pharmaceutical care to the elderly, including wellness, treatment, monitoring and patient safety services. As the clinical role of pharmacists continues to expand, the BPS Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to focus on the special needs of older patients who may have concurrent illnesses taking multiple medications.

BPS Geriatric Pharmacy


Certification Examination

in Geriatric Pharmacy

BPS Geriatric Pharmacy Board Certification FAQ

Eligibility Requirements

Note: all practice eligibility requirements must be met prior to the candidate sitting for the examination

The minimum requirements for this specialty certification are:

  • Graduation from a pharmacy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) or a program outside the U.S. that qualifies the individual to practice in the jurisdiction;
  • A current, active license to practice pharmacy in the U.S. or another jurisdiction;
  • Completion of two (2) years of practice experience, post- licensure, with at least 50% of time spent in geriatric pharmacy activities (as defined in the 2018 BPS Geriatric Pharmacy Content Outline); Please note practice experience can include direct and indirect patient care activities i.e.) Assess financial/reimbursement issues when making therapeutic recommendations, Assess a medication regimen and medical history for medication-related problems, Facilitate medication to improve transitions across the continuum of care and reduce readmissions and
  • Achieving a passing score on the Geriatric Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination.

Examination Content

Refer to the 2018 BPS Geriatric Pharmacy Exam Content Outline for details

  • Domain 1: General Principles of Aging (20% of the examination)
  • Domain 2: Person-Centered Care (60% of the examination)
  • Domain 3: Population and Public Health (20% of the examination)


Recertification for BPS Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists (BCGP) is required every seven years and is an assessment of the practitioner’s knowledge and skills through one of two methods:


A current, active license to practice pharmacy is required for recertification.

Recertification FAQs

How many credits do I need to recertify?
You need 75 credit hours to recertify at the end of the five-year recertification cycle. When you recertify at the end of the seven -year certification cycle, you will need 100 credit hours.

How many credits do I currently have?
Please contact our CE providers directly to inquire on how many credits you have completed so far. ASCP may be reached by e-mail at and ASHP may be reached at this link:

When you access your ASCP/ASHP transcript(s), the module or program should say “BCGP” or “Geriatric Recertification” if it is approved for BCGP recertification.

When will I receive my recertification certificate?

BCGP recertification certificates are mailed out every 3 months. When you have completed your recertification, your BCGP certificate will be sent out in the next scheduled mailing.


Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists must pay a Certification Administration Fee of $125 per year for six out of seven years of the certification cycle.  However, BPS only charges one Administration Fee regardless of the number of credentials a pharmacist holds.  In addition, BPS charges a $400 renewal fee once every 7 years.

BPS bills their certified pharmacists for the Certification Administration Fee on an annual basis each May. Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists will be included in this annual billing beginning in May 2018. Pharmacists who became initially certified in 2017 will pay the normal fee of $125 per year beginning in 2018.

Pharmacists who are due for renewal of their geriatric credential on or after September 1, 2017 will pay the $400 renewal fee, but will not pay any Certification Administration Fee until May 2018.  They will then pay the normal fee of $125 per year beginning in 2018.

Pharmacists who are due for renewal of their geriatric credential between January 1, 2017 and August 31, 2017 will pay the $400 renewal fee and the normal CCGP $250 Certification Administration Fee, unless they hold an additional certification from BPS.  Those who are dually certified are already paying the $125 Annual Fee.

Pharmacists who are currently certified and have pre-paid Certification Administration Fees will be credited for these prepaid funds. Instead of $125 per year, a lower amount per year may be charged until these prepaid funds are consumed.

Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacists are also required to pay the BPS Annual Certification Maintenance Fee of $125 each year for years one through six and a $400 recertification fee in year seven. Individuals with more than one BPS certification will only be assessed one BPS Annual Certification Maintenance Fee each year.