Board of Pharmacy Specialties Celebrates 40th Anniversary

In 2016 the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) is celebrating 40 years of improving patient care by promoting the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and specialty board certification of pharmacists.

In 1973 the APhA Taskforce on Specialties in Pharmacy was created with four charges:

  1. To identify existing or potential areas of specialization in pharmacy practice and/or conclude that the practice of pharmacy does not lend itself to specialization.
  2. To propose a means by which such specialties should be identified if specialties do exist.
  3. To develop the means by which individuals should be identified as having met the predetermined criteria for such specialties, including recommendations for continuing education or re-certification.
  4. To consider other matters of immediate concern identified by the Task Force.

The report of the Task Force concluded that “ an official board with independent decision making authority should now be established and charged with the responsibility of formally recognizing specialties in pharmacy once they are judged to have met approved criteria. Furthermore, such board should be empowered with the final responsibility of granting certification to individuals who have met the qualifications for certification as specialists in an officially recognized field of specialty.”

So, in 1976 the Board of Pharmacy Specialties was established as an autonomous division of APhA when APhA members approved the BPS Bylaws as part of the APhA structure. The first specialty was approved by BPS in 1978 and that specialty was Nuclear Pharmacy. Following the approval of Nuclear Pharmacy, it was ten years before the approval of the next two specialties which were Nutrition Support Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy. Six years later, psychiatric Pharmacy was approved, followed by Oncology Pharmacy in 1996.

After the approval of Oncology Pharmacy, thirteen years passed before the approval of Ambulatory Care Pharmacy in 2009. However, following the approval of Ambulatory Care Board Certification, the BPS Board also approved Pediatric Pharmacy and Critical Care Pharmacy in 2013.

Today BPS recognizes eight pharmacy specialties and certifies over 24,000 pharmacists in these specialties worldwide.  In addition to the eight specialties named above, BPS has five additional specialties in various stages of development: Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Sterile Compounding, Organ Transplantation and Emergency Medicine.  BPS has already issued a call for petition in Cardiology and Infectious Diseases and expect to receive a petition from the profession by the Fall of 2016. Because BPS strongly supports residency training, BPS believes that consideration of new pharmacy specialties should be consistent with, but not necessarily exclusive to, the evolution of ASHP-accredited PGY-2 programs. Conducting role delineation studies in organ transplantation and emergency medicine is a logical next step because both Solid Organ Transplantation and Emergency Medicine rank in the top ten as far as the number of PGY-2 residency programs and have grown by 29% and 40% respectively over the past year.

The issues surrounding sterile compounding have been well chronicled in the lay and professional media and represent an important public safety issue which was the impetus for the BPS Board of Directors exploring this as a possible specialty.

BPS looks forward to continued growth and the addition of new specialties as the practice of pharmacy evolves into new areas in order to meet the needs of healthcare stakeholders, and most importantly, the patient. The chart below shows the growth of BPS over the past ten years.  For more information on BPS visit www.bpsweb.org


Figure 1 . BPS Growth by Specialty


Board of Pharmacy Specialties Chronology of Membership

 AppointedTerm End
R. Paul Baumgartner, Jr, PharmD19751979
Carl G. Britto, BS19751979
Maureen M. Fink, BS19751984
Thomas S. Foster, PharmD19751984
John D. James, BS19751978
Warren E. Weaver, PhD19751981
Erma Angevine, BA19761982
Charlotte Cumbie Doster, RN, EdD19761980
Barbara Ann Nelson19801982
Henry Martin, JR, MD19801982
John Romankiewicz, PharmD19811982
Donald R. Baugher19811986
Mary J. Dickson, RN19821987
Donald M. Vickery, MD19831986
Jack V. Nicolais, Jr1983 1986
Nicholas G. Popovich19841988
Sara H. Newman19841988
John M. Owen, Jr19841989
Priscilla C. Brown19841988
Robert K. Davis, PharmD19861988
Allen J. Douma, MD19861999
William Garnett, PharmD19861992
Ray R. Maddox, PharmD19871992
LaNelle E. Geddes, PhD, RN19881992
Virginia Bauman19881993
Peter P. Bosomworth, MD19881991
Howard A. Juni, PharmD19881993
Margaret C. Yarborough, MS19881994
Fred A. Raleigh, PharmD19901993
Roger J. Bulger, MD19921994
Felix M. Barker, OD19931998
Dick R. Gourley, PharmD19931998
Paul G. Pierpaoli, MS19931998
Shirlee I. Graber19941994
John H. Vandel, BS19941998
Peter H. Vlasses, PharmD, BCPS19941998
Judith P. Ronshagen19952000
Lawrence R. Strom , II, PharmD19952000
Leonard D. Fenninger, MD19952001
Ray E. Marcrom, PharmD20002005
Roger W. Anderson, DrPH19992004
Carolyn K. Lewis, PhD, RN19992004
Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, BCPP19992004
Barbara T. McAndrew20002005
Robert L. Talbert, PharmD, BCPS20002005
Kent M. Nelson, PharmD, BCPS20012006
Edward Westrick, MD, MS20022009
Jannet M. Carmichael, PharmD, BCPS20052009
Sandra Edwardson, RN, PhD20052010
Rebecca S. Finley, PharmD20052011
Terrence Schwinghammer, PharmD, BCPS 20052010
John E. Murphy, PharmD20062008
A. Jeffrey Newell, RPh20062008
David A. Swankin, JD (Public Member) 20062008
Marsha A. Raebel, PharmD20072012
Beth Mertz, PhD (Public Member)20092014
George H. Hinkle, MS, BCNP20092012
Sharon Durfee, BCNSP20092015
Susan Goodin, PharmD, BCOP20092013
Maria Posey, PharmD, BCPP20092014
Melinda C. Joyce, PharmD20102013
Suzanne R. White, MD20102015
Joseph J. Saseen, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP 20112014
Sheila A. Haas, RN, PhD20112016
Jean-Venable Goode, PharmD, BCPS20102014
Michael Hogue, PharmD20122013
James Ponto, BCNP20132018
John Pieper, PharmD20132018
William Evans, PharmD20142016
Andrea Iannucci, PharmD, BCOP20142016
Daniel Buffington, PharmD20142015
Peter Koval, PharmD, BCPS20152017
Gerry McKee, PharmD, BCPP20152017
Rebecca Miller, MS(Public Member) 20152017
Dennis Helling20152017
Karen Gunning, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP20162018
Terry McInnis, MD20162018

Board of Pharmacy Specialties Chairs & Vice-Chairs

Warren E. Weaver, PhDChairman 1976 1979
Maureen M. Fink, BSVice Chairman 1976 1979
Nicholas G. PopovichChairman1985-1986
John M. Owen, JrChairman1987 1988
Priscilla C. BrownVice Chairman1985 1988
Ray R. Maddox, PharmDChairman1989-1991
William Garnett, PharmDVice Chairman 1989-1990
Howard A. Juni, PharmD Vice-Chairman1991
Fred A. Raleigh, PharmDVice-Chairman1992-1993
William T. Sawyer, MS, BCPSChairman1993-1994
Dick R. Gourley, PharmDChairman1995-1997
John H. Vandel, BS, RPhVice-Chairman1996-1997
Peter H. Vlasses, PharmD, BCPSChairman1998-1999
Paul G. Pierpaoli, RPh, MSVice-Chairman1998
Lawrence R. Strom II, PharmDVice-Chairman1999-2000
Barbara G. Wells, PharmD, BCPPChairman2000-2001
Roger W. Anderson, RPh, Dr.PHChairman2002-2003
Kent M. Nelson, PharmD, BCPSChairman2004
Ray E. Marcrom, PharmDChairman2004-2005
Bruce D. McWhinney, PharmDChairman2006
Jannet M. Carmichael, PharmD, BCPSVice-Chairman2006
Terrence Schwinghammer, PharmD, BCPSVice-Chairman2007-2008
Rebecca S. Finley, PharmDChair-elect2009
George H. Hinkle, MS, BCNPChair-elect2010
Susan Goodin, PharmD, BCOPChair-elect2011
Joseph J. Saseen, PharmD, BCPS, BCACPChair-elect2012
Sharon Durfee, BCNSPChair-elect2013
John Pieper, PharmDChair-elect2014
William Evans, PharmDChairman2016
Harold Godwin, RPh, MSChair-elect2016

Executive Secretaries/ Directors

Richard Penna, PhD
Samuel Kalman, RPh, MS
Richard Bertin, RPh, PhD 1997-2010
William Ellis, RPh, MS 2011-present