Warren E. Weaver/Richard P. Penna Award

Established and presented by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties

The Warren E. Weaver/Richard P. Penna Award is conferred annually by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. This award is for individual persons recognized for having made outstanding voluntary contributions to the advancement of BPS board certification of pharmacists.

From 2017-2019, the award was given to one recipient who could be an individual or an organization. From 2019-2022, the award was expanded to recognize one organization recipient and one individual recipient. In 2023, to continue the development and recognition of organizations and individuals making outstanding voluntary contributions to the advancement of BPS Board Certification, the BPS Beacon Award was established to recognize organizations, which allowed the BPS Weaver/Penna Award to be solely dedicated to recognizing outstanding individuals supporting pharmacist certification.  

BPS Weaver/Penna Award Application Materials
Applications are currently closed.
Stay tuned for announcements on the call for applications in spring/summer 2023.

The nominee must be an individual who has advanced health quality and/or patient care by promoting the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and the BPS board certification of pharmacists. The Board reserves the right not to issue an award in any given year.

Self-nominations are not accepted. In addition to the nomination, at least one letter of recommendation is required and up to two letters of recommendation are permitted for individual nominations.

Any person may nominate an individual for the Weaver/Penna Award.

The nominator is responsible for submitting an award nomination packet. The nomination packet is to include the following items:

  • Nomination on official form available from BPS
  • A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award
  • Letters of recommendation as described above
  • A detailed resumé for individuals or description of the organization should be included

BPS will issue a call for nominations for the Weaver/Penna Award annually by August 1, with deadline for submission in mid to late September. The BPS Board of Directors will make a decision on Award recipient(s) by late Fall of each year so that the Award(s) can be presented during the following year.

If a nominee is not chosen as the recipient for the Award in the year the nomination is submitted, the application may be resubmitted for consideration the following year, with updates as appropriate. If not chosen in the following year, a new application will need to be submitted for future consideration.

The selection is made by the BPS Board of Directors based upon careful review of complete nominations.

The award will be conferred at a meeting or venue deemed appropriate by the BPS Board of Directors based upon the affiliation of the award recipient. The award will include the images of Warren E. Weaver and Richard P. Penna and the BPS logo inscribed with the recipient’s name and date of presentation. Travel expenses will be covered based upon current BPS travel policies as deemed appropriate by the BPS Board of Directors based upon the nature of the presentation. In addition, the BPS offices will display a perpetual plaque recognizing previous award recipients.