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Join our host Ellie LaNou, BPS Director of Professional Affairs, as she talks with Hunter Fly, PharmD, and Adam Moss, PharmD, MPS, about their research projects as the 2021-2022 BPS Seed Grant Awardees. They discuss trends and findings of their projects to date, as well as what they hope to find as they continue their dive into pharmacist board certification.

Dr. Fly’s project, titled ‘A Qualitative and Quantitative Investigation of Board Certification for Pharmacists’ aims to describe pharmacist board certification, assess current literature on perception of certification, and see what contemporary perception is. You can find the 2003 article Fly mentions here: The 2015 article he mentions can be found here:

Dr. Moss’ project, titled ‘Evaluation of the percentage and perceived value of board-certified pharmacists in U.S. hospitals and associated impact on clinical and operational measures’ looks to understand what incentives exist for board certification, how frequently employers use them to encourage certification, and what data exists to back up the value of board certification. For more information on the AJHP article Moss mentions, you can visit this page: The ASHP Recommendations of 2030 he mentions can be found here:

More information about the BPS Seed Grant can be found here: Thanks for tuning in, we will see you next episode!

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