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On this episode, Ellie LaNou, PharmD, BCPS, is joined by the Chair of the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB), Melanie Danilak, BSc. Pharm, ACPR, MEd; and Chief Pharmacy Officer of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Christina Cella, RPh, BSc. Pharm, ACPR, DPLA. They discuss the impact of BPS Certification, the acknowledgement of CPRB year 1 residencies within specialty certification eligibility criteria, and what our guests envision the future of pharmacy in Canada to look like.

To learn more about specialty certification eligibility criteria, you can visit the BPS website at To follow up with CPRB’s activities, you can visit the CPRB website at To read the article Christina mentioned about Appropriate staffing for pharmacists’ full scope of practice, visit doi: 10.1177/17151635221091191. Until next time!

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