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National Commission for Certifying Agencies Awards

Three Specialty Accreditations and One Re-Accreditation to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties


Washington, D.C. – The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited three specialty certifications under the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) for compliance to NCCA’s Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs: Cardiology Pharmacy (BCCP), Infectious Diseases Pharmacy (BCIDP), and Compounded Sterile Preparations Pharmacy (BCSCP). NCCA also re-accredited the Geriatric Pharmacy specialty (BCGP) certification.


“BPS accredited programs receive this distinction through the NCCA’s peer review process which evaluates a certification program’s compliance with national standards and is a measure of quality. It important to note that many certification programs do not apply for this advanced recognition, and I am proud of the work done by BPS staff and our volunteer leaders to earn accreditation, as this helps assure all stakeholders that BPS certifications meet widely accepted industry standards” said William M. Ellis, MS, RPh, BPS Executive Director.


The three new specialty certifications and one re-accreditation will last for a five-year period and will expire January 31, 2027, at which point BPS will be able to apply for re-accreditation. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). Since 1977, the NCCA has been accrediting certifying programs based on the highest quality standards in professional certification to ensure the programs adhere to standards of practice in certification industry. There are more than 315 NCCA-accredited programs that certify individuals in a wide range of professions and occupations.


The first NCCA accreditation was received by Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutrition Support Pharmacy, Psychiatric Pharmacy and Oncology Pharmacy certifications in 2008. BPS now holds NCCA accreditation for 12 specialty certification programs: Nuclear Pharmacy (BCNP), Nutrition Support Pharmacy (BCNSP), Pharmacotherapy (BCPS), Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP), Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP), Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (BCACP), Critical Care Pharmacy (BCCCP), Pediatric Pharmacy (BCPPS), Geriatric Pharmacy (BCGP), Cardiology Pharmacy (BCCP), Infectious Diseases Pharmacy (BCIDP), and Compounded Sterile Preparations Pharmacy (BCSCP).


BPS is an organization that has adopted quality as an organizational principle.  This has enabled us to attain NCCA accreditation by establishing policies, procedures and processes that drive innovation which enhances the credentialing experience for our candidates and certificants.” said Avis Bullard, MS, CSSBB, BPS Senior Director of Quality Assurance.


About the Board of Pharmacy Specialties

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) was established in 1976 as an autonomous division of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). The mission of BPS is to improve patient care by positioning BPS Board-Certified Pharmacist Specialists as integral members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams, through recognition and promotion of specialized training, knowledge, and skills for pharmacists in the United States and internationally. Board certification is a recognized credential for determining which pharmacists are qualified to contribute at advanced practice levels given the rigorous standards mandated by BPS board certification and recertification. BPS currently recognizes more than 54,400 pharmacist certifications across 14 specialties.


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