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Ivey, Marianne

Happy New Year to all board-certified pharmacists!

by Marianne F. Ivey, PharmD, MPH, FASHP
Board of Pharmacy Specialties
Board of Directors, Chair



As the 2022 Chair of the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, I am eager to work with such an engaged cohort of board-certified pharmacists to lead efforts to recognize and promote pharmacy specialization on behalf of the profession. The fact that each board-certified pharmacist has committed to gaining the experiences, knowledge, and expertise necessary to sit for and pass a specialty certification exam – and some even pursuing multiple specialties by passing multiple specialty exams – indicates that each BPS certificant values providing the very best care to their patients and professionalism to their colleagues. I look forward to achieving the strategic goals and aspirations the Board of Directors have established for the coming year in collaboration with BPS stakeholders. With over 54,400 active certifications in 14 specialties, each pharmacist certified by BPS is a professional force to be reckoned with as pharmacists step up to provide care in what has become a critically important profession, with many colleagues and patients depending on our advice and care.


The mission of BPS is to improve patient care by validating the expertise of pharmacist practitioners through board certification. The infrastructure that BPS has evolved provides rigor to the activities which support the work of specialty council and board members. I am particularly proud of the psychometric expertise that BPS staff experts bring to exam development and delivery. This psychometric expertise is integral to the support in exam development that council members get and integral to the delivery of the exams themselves.


One of the aspirations the Board of Directors has this year is to finalize the new strategic plan and implement activities that contribute to the strategic goals across many facets of the organization. We have announced a new petition for a pain management specialty, and we will continue to connect pharmacists’ and employers’ knowledge about the value of BPS to our branding and marketing activities. We will work with our stakeholders on components of the recertification process at both the national and international levels to continue the growth in pharmacist certification we have seen year after year.


Other important upcoming activities include research on board certification-related topics demonstrated by the BPS PGY2 Pharmacy Residency Research Seed Grant Program and recognition of pharmacy colleagues and organizations which have demonstrated leadership in specialty certification, such as through the activities of the annual BPS Weaver-Penna Award. We are proud of and thankful for colleagues and organizations who continue to advance patient care through supporting pharmacist board certification.


Internal quality assurance activity has led to external accreditation of the BPS certification process as measured by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. BPS’s internal quality assurance process promotes continuous improvement of our activities and highlights the caliber of our certifications.


Active interest in the BPS 2022 activities by staff, council members, board members, and board-certified pharmacists is greatly appreciated, and I very much thank each member of this growing organization for their constructive input as we embark on an exciting year. I look forward to working to advance the mission of BPS in my role as the 2022 Chair to improve patient care through promoting the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and specialty board certification of pharmacists.


Warm regards,