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Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy – The Road to BCTXP


SOT_HarrisMatt Harris, PharmD, MHS, BCPS
Director of Transplant Pharmacy Programs
Clinical Pharmacist, Abdominal Transplant
Director, PGY2 Residency Solid Organ Transplant
Duke University Hospitals
Department of Pharmacy
Durham, NC 27710
SOT_CrowtherBarrett Crowther, PharmD, BCPS, FAST, FCCP
Solid Organ Transplant Clinical Pharmacist Specialist
Director, PGY2 Residency Solid Organ Transplant
University of Colorado Health
Aurora, CO 80014


Over the past two decades, there has been tremendous growth in the field of solid organ transplantation (SOT), especially within the pharmacy profession. Pharmacist involvement in solid organ transplant recipient care was described as early as the 1970s.1,2 In 2004, the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) amended their bylaws to mandate the inclusion of a transplant pharmacist on the multidisciplinary team.3 UNOS also designated the roles and responsibilities of the SOT pharmacist including the oversight of transplant pharmacotherapy in the peri- and post-operative phases. In 2007, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists established goals, objectives, and competencies for specialized SOT pharmacist residency training, which was further updated in 2017.4


SOT pharmacists are familiar with the challenge of optimizing care for a patient who spans the continuum of care – from the ambulatory setting to the operating room and the intensive care unit.5,6 Care delivery is further complicated as transplants occur across all age groups and in patients with varying comorbid conditions. This complex comorbid condition management, including need for immunomodulating and anti-infection regimens, often involves the need to navigate medication access issues. Transplant patients are impacted by insurance coverage barriers, drug shortages, infusion access barriers, and off label drug use.7 Additionally, transplant pharmacists have advanced into various clinical settings including ambulatory care, quality assessment and performance improvement, pediatrics, and research, to name a few. As the field progresses into new venues, there is also a commensurate increase in the need for specialized SOT pharmacists and a benchmark for their knowledge and skills. As such, the SOT pharmacist community petitioned for Board of Pharmacy Specialties recognition of SOT as a specialty area of pharmacy practice with a corresponding board certification opportunity. 8, 9


Fall of 2021 marks the first offering of the Board of Pharmacy Specialties Board Certified Transplant Pharmacist (BCTXP) examination. This certification designates expertise in the SOT pharmacotherapy field, ensuring ongoing improvement of patient outcomes.


Visit the SOT Pharmacy webpage for more information about the BCTXP certification, including eligibility requirements and examination content outline.



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