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Washington, D.C. – The results of the Spring 2017 BPS specialty certification and recertification exams were announced today by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties® (BPS), the premier post-licensure certification organization serving the pharmacy profession. A total of 2,092 out of 3,257 pharmacists passed the exams in the nine specialties currently offered by BPS: ambulatory care pharmacy, critical care pharmacy, geriatric pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, nutrition support pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, pediatric pharmacy, psychiatric pharmacy and pharmacotherapy. There are now 33,790 BPS board certified pharmacists worldwide.

“Health care providers and the systems they work in are becoming increasingly accountable for the quality of the care delivered to patients. An important part of this accountability involves certification, the steady increase in the number of BPS approved specialties and the pharmacists who hold them supports this focus.” said BPS Executive Director, William M. Ellis, MS, RPh.


Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (BCACP)
Certification: 212 Pass; 114 Fail; 326 Total (65% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 2,990 as of July 2017*

Critical Care Pharmacy (BCCCP)
Certification: 238 Pass; 42 Fail; 280 Total (85% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 1,395 as of July 2017*

Geriatric Pharmacy (BCGP)
Certification: 357 Pass; 91 Fail; 448 Total (79.7% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 55 Pass; 2 Fail; 57 Total (96.5% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 3,403 as of July 2017*

Nuclear Pharmacy (BCNP)
Certification: 3 Pass; 4 Fail; 7 Total (43% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 0 Pass; 0 Fail; 0 Total (0% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 446 as of July 2017*

Nutrition Support Pharmacy (BCNP)
Certification: 28 Pass; 12 Fail; 40 Total (70% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 9 Pass; 0 Fail; 9 Total (100% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 582 as of July 2017*

Oncology Pharmacy (BCOP)
Certification: 135 Pass; 93 Fail; 228 Total (59% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 5 Pass; 3 Fail; 8 Total (63% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 2,400 as of July 2017*

Pediatric Pharmacy (BCPPS)
Certification: 95 Pass; 71 Fail; 166 Total (57% Pass Rate)

Total Certified: 694 as of July 2017*

Pharmacotherapy (BCPS)
Certification: 960 Pass; 586 Fail; 1,546 Total (62% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 38 Pass; 6 Fail; 44 Total (86% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 20,839 as of July 2017*

Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP)
Certification: 64 Pass; 28 Fail; 92 Total (70% Pass Rate)
Recertification: 4 Pass; 2 Fail; 6 Total (67% Pass Rate)

New Total Certified: 1,041 as of July 2017*

Total newly certified in July 2017: 2,092

Total Certificants as of July 2017: 33,790*

*As of July 2017 adjusted for non-renewals, retirements, and deceased pharmacists at the end of 2016.


About The Board of Pharmacy Specialties ®
The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) was established in 1976 as an autonomous division of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).  The mission of the Board of Pharmacy Specialties is to improve patient care and increase awareness of the need for BPS Board Certified Pharmacists as integral members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams through recognition and promotion of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and specialty board certification and recertification of pharmacists throughout the world.

Board Certification through BPS has become recognized as the gold standard for determining which pharmacists are qualified to contribute at advanced practice levels as a result of the rigorous standards mandated by BPS board certification and recertification. Today BPS recognizes eleven pharmacy specialties and over 31,000 pharmacists worldwide hold BPS certification.



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